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Who Are We?

Spydermaze Studios is your local one stop shop for all of your photography needs. Whether you need to show your next fashion project or design, or you need head shots & editorial spreads, we have your photographer. Providing the San Francisco Bay Area with the most “out of the box” photography, we specialize in creative and customized images to cater to each of our clients. We understand how critical original and amazing imagery is to your business, your portfolio or your personal photo album and being that we are based in the Silicon Valley, we can offer you just that. Serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, we can provide you with unsurpassed photography, makeup, design, and casting abilities. Offering scaleable productions, we can handle an intimate portrait set or bring the whole team together for a major production. So drop us a line and let us know how we can add creativity to your project, business or just a family portrait!

Photography Printing

We have finally opened our new webstore. It has been a long time in the making and a very tough road but its finally here. We searched out the most environmentally friendly print companies with the finest print quality we have ever seen. Offering photography printing services for our clients as well Bay Area Breauty Photographeras a fine art section with some of the most out of the box photography you have ever seen. Stop by and take a look

Spydermaze is a Green Company

Spydermaze Modern Photography believes that it is morally responsible to conserve energy and resources in order to reduce humanity’s environmental impact. If we continue to use more and more it is inevitable that we will run out. So please don’t let the green movement be a trend. Click here to see how Spydermaze is helping out.

Have You Shot With Us Already?

Have you shot with us already? Then you know about the avant garde photography, makeup, composition and design. So why not spread the word and let others know about us? We are currently on Yelp, Google Maps, and many other rating websites, so let us know how we're doing! 

Follow Us!!!

Stay up to date with all our projects and let us know about yours! Take your pick were on Twitter or Facebook. Also you can keep up with all our current shoots, rants, and shenanigans at our photography blog.

We Are Always Casting

Spydermaze Modern Photography is always looking for new talent to work with. Check out our casting needs here. Paid projects or TF. Get into our database today!

Color Profiling and Workflow

Spydermaze Studios uses the latest color profiling techniques. Calibrating our cameras, printers, and monitors guarantees you the most accurate color reproduction possible or an amazing start if you want some original color tweaking. Working with the highest resolutions possible and using a workflow that optimizes those resolutions will give you the richest quality images imaginable.

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